Do you have an IT issue that needs resolving? Maybe it's a website to get your new business up and running? Maybe it's a problem with your computer that's affecting your productivity?

I am Richard Eames, and I work in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their personal/business objectives or overcome problems. I can also work to improve the structure and efficiency of your IT systems.

Have a browse around my site, see what services I can offer and then get in touch!

About Me

I have worked in the IT industry for the past 12 years in both the corporate sector and also as a freelance web designer/developer.

I have used a wide-range of web technologies including Classic ASP, ASP.Net (C#), Visual Studio, SQL Server, Java, XHTML, XML, CMS, CVS and Web Services. I have a career background in designing and deploying high-profile online software for industry leaders, often in challenging and high pressure environments. Work experience includes 5 years working as a senior developer for a large multinational corporation and extensive programming experience with a number of blue chip companies. Qualifications include a Higher University Diploma in Applied Computing and Certificates in several leading edge technologies.

My skills are with people and teaching best practices with both hardware and software, together with maximising potential to gain the most out of the current technology available for both personal and professional gain.

I can also trouble-shoot existing problems with hardware/software.